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  • Rui Alves

    Rui Alves

    Mindset Coach & Web 3.0 Digital Disruptor. Founder of Beloved and Rock n’Heavy: Exploring ideas that leapfrog ahead: 📧 https://rui-alves.medium.com/subscribe

  • Tom Handy

    Tom Handy

    An investor writing his thoughts online. 24-year Self-taught Investor & 20-year Army Veteran. Interviewed by Money magazine 2x.

  • Courtney Burry

    Courtney Burry

    5X top writer. I love to use satire and humor. I write about travel, politics, family, feminism, sports, health & music. So, basically everything.

  • Indubala Kachhawa

    Indubala Kachhawa

    Aquarian by design. ESFJ. Voracious reader. Public speaker. Painter. Sketch artist. Super Mom. Grateful daughter. Loyal friend. Mindful every moment. Spiritual.

  • Vivek Naskar

    Vivek Naskar

    A software developer by the day and a writer by the night! | Explore more articles by being a member here → https://viveknaskar.medium.com/membership

  • Tracy Torres

    Tracy Torres

  • Crystal Garrett

    Crystal Garrett

    Writing about home, marriage, personal development, and lessons from nature.

  • Jessie London

    Jessie London

    PGCE English + BA Literature. Tech Entrepreneur for 15 years. Now a Writer. Main interests: Wellbeing, Books, Feminism, Crime, Business & Relationships.

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