Clinical Trial - Substance Abuse & Massage Therapy

Bert’s Massage — Clinical Trial Study — Substance Abuse — Atlanta

Crystal methamphetamine, better known as crystal meth, has been a health concern for the LGBTQ community since the late 1990s, when gay and bisexual men in New York City started using it as an aphrodisiac.

Nowadays, crystal meth is a popular drug in the young LGBTQ community because users mistakenly believe it can enhance their experiences and help them have fun.

The statistics on crystal meth abuse in the gay community are worrisome. In some parts of the country, this drug caused havoc among the gay population, this is why I am running a clinical study on massage therapy and it’s effect to detox & recovery within my city, Atlanta.

Must meet certain criteria to be eligible to participate at little or NO CHARGE to you to receive massage therapy as part of a clinical study.

I have seen great work with this study so far, the final publication will be done once the study is completed.




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Bert’s Massage

Bert’s Massage

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